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Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:50 am [PST]

Sydney Scrogham

Author interview with Sydney Scrogham. She is the author of the Guardians of Agalrae series and her latest book in the series is Rabashani: The Half-blood Guardian. She loves creating happy endings. She started writing when she was 12. Her first book, Chase, was published by Koehler Books in August 2015. Read about her writing life below.
What does your typical writing day look like? Do you have a daily or weekly word count?
My typical writing day is amazing. I do my best work alone with epic fantasy music playing in the background. On my best days, it's an explosion of creativity that leaves me completely invigorated. I usually write about 1,000 words an hour, and then after an hour, I need a break. I don't like forcing the words to happen. On days when the word count is a little slow, I'll sit back and try to plan, and if that doesn't work, I'll read! Writing is fun for me and I don't want to pressure myself to meet a number goal every day - that takes the fun out of it for me. :)
What is it about fantasy and romance you like to write about?
I like to write about fantasy and romance because I firmly believe that anything is possible. I'm greatly affected by the spiritual realm I can't see and the energy of people around me. Just because I can't see something doesn't make it any less real. My "anything is possible" has always included true love. Who wants to achieve everything they imagine and have no one to celebrate with? The unknown fantasy possibilities and the riches of romance have always attracted me and I think they always will. Those are also the things that speak loudest to my readers, too!
What is your favorite thing about being an author?
My favorite thing about being an author...is holding the final copy of the published book in my hands. My second favorite part is giving advice to upcoming writers. My third favorite part is getting to sign books at Barnes and Noble! (That was always a dream of mine as a kid.) Truly, there isn't anything about being an author I don't like, even the marketing work. Being an author is my dream job, so it never feels like work. It feels like a natural part of who I am.
What is the best writing advice you have got?
The best writing advice I've ever gotten has been from Ted Dekker. He said he makes writing his spiritual practice. That's exactly what it has become for me, too.
If you could have dinner with any author who would it be and why?
If I could have dinner with any author, it would be Ted Dekker and Robin McKinley. Robin wrote Pegasus, a beautifully poetic book that has stuck with me, and I'd love to ask her what happens to the main characters of Pegasus since the story ends in a cliff hanger - ack! And I've been an avid reader of Ted's work since I was a teenager. His stories have stuck with me, too, and every time I hear him speak, even if it's just about everyday things, I feel like he's inviting me into a special story. 
What do you read and how often do you read?
I read a variety of genres. It's not the type that interests me as much as the quality of the story and writing itself. To me, garbage in equals garbage out. I do read a lot of magical realism/fantasy books with hints of romance and a lot of horse books. If I'm picking something off the shelf, that's what I'd gravitate toward. But if the first line doesn't grab me, I'm putting it down. I love first lines because that immediately tells me what kind of story I'm in for! I want to write like the strong writers I admire, so that's what I read.
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