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Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:43 am [PST]

Starting your writing career today



“You don’t make art out of good intentions.”

Gustave Flaubert


Okay, it is time for you. Time to start your writing career. You need to do it now! No, not tomorrow. Today. Pick up a pen, find some paper, or go to your computer. Here comes the best part. WRITE. You don’t have time for all the bad excuses (or the good ones, for that matter) like your favorite pen ran out of ink! Yikes! I know it is tough not being able to write with your favorite pen, but your mind and hand are still working just fine and the pen you are stuck with can do the magic as well. Put your words on paper! NOW!

Deciding to start your writing career is a major thing. When you have made the decision, you must stick to it. It will bring you many hours of joy and some of frustration. The worst that can happen is that you will let yourself down. Can you live with that? This is why you must dig out, from where-ever it is hiding, your very best self discipline. Do you want to get published and make money on your writing? Then discipline is the key to starting a writing career. Do yourself this wonderful favor and write a little each day, starting today. Keep that scary pen and paper close to you at all times, so you can write whenever the time is right or an idea hits you. The best thing about starting a writing career is that you will smile a lot more, because you are living your dream.





I’m not trying to be hard or rude, I’m simply just saying it as it is. Stop the excuses and start writing. It is no surprise that full time writers actually write, not just every day, but also a lot. But remember at one time they too were beginners, writing whenever it fit into their daily life. They succeeded and so can you.

To be or become a writer, you have to write as often as possible, making it a habit. Your writing can’t just be in your head while you push it till tomorrow, the day after that, the weekend, or your upcoming vacation in four months. You must be focused on your writing, even though it might give you some headaches. I think, thinking about not writing is more likely to give you a headache instead of actually write words on paper.

Many writers have a full time job and family to spend time with, they have to cook and clean like the rest of us, but they still make it work and writers don’t get divorced or unemployed any more than others. Danielle Steele (with over 800 million copies sold), sacrificed a lot of sleep. She wrote at night when her kids were small, so she could spend more time with them during the day. She only slept four hours at night. I’m not suggesting four hours of sleep - my point is do yourself a favor and find the time that fits your life. It can be when you wake up in bed or before going to bed at night or, having coffee at a cafe. Maybe it works for you to use 15 minutes of your lunch break. Do you have 1-2 hours every afternoon or evening? Then use it! 

Hopefully soon you will be knocking down doors with your finished manuscripts and when the time comes I’m pretty sure you will be thanking yourself for starting your writing career instead of waiting for the right ink to pass your way.

You will feel much happier and more satisfied when you are done for today. Do yourself a favor and make a commitment to finish your writing and enjoy the process.


“Finally, one just has to shut up, sit down, and write.”

Natalie Goldberg


How do you plan to squeeze in your writing? Or how did you go about it when you first started writing? How do you feel after writing?


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2015-08-20 [ 04:17:46]

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