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Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:41 am [PST]

David P Perlmutter

David P Perlmutter has self published 8 books so far with over 450 FIVE star reviews. He has now signed a publishing contract with Austin Macauley with his bestseller and first book - WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME. 

- Your first book Wrong Place Wrong Time is a biography from your time in Spain. It started as a blog and ended as bestselling book in the UK, America and Australia, truly amazing! My question is do you think you would have started writing if you were not at the wrong place at the wrong time?

- Excellent question. I'm as stunned as the next author about how well the book has been received across the world and in fact how I, as a so called author, have been received. The book has been in the top 50 in certain categories for many months in the countries you have mentioned and to know that people have bought, read and reviewed this and my other books is sometimes overwhelming. WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME to date has over 300 x 5* reviews across Amazon, which still stuns me. The answer to your question is maybe not I guess. I just needed to get what happened to me in Spain down on paper for my own therapy to be honest and it has snowballed since then.


- After writing your first book, was it easy to write your second book?

- I must say that the second book was all about book marketing, so that was easy, to an extent because marketing is what I do and I love it. I have improved on my writing skills and now coming up to book #8, I can see and read how writing on a daily basis does enhance your writing ability.

- You have written three books about marketing and you clearly know a lot about it. Do you have a few tips (besides buying you books :-)) for self published authors on marketing their books?

- Thank you. All I can say is that no one else will market your books like you, yes there are fellow indie authors who may promote you, but ultimately it’s all down to you. I have always said that Twitter for me has been the most successful social media platform for getting my books out to the world and for interaction etc. I've had many readers tweet how they love my books and I have had many sales because of it. Twitter is FREE and instantly Global. My third book, MY WAY FREE - TRENDING ON TWITTER is all about using what is trending worldwide to market your book/s. Your readers and authors can download a FREE copy from my website. BTW – you will never see, in any of my book promotional activities, the words ‘buy my book! This is a big no no for me!

- What is your writing routine? and do you have a word count?

- Mainly in the morning with tons of coffee and the evening with red wine, not tons, just a glass or two. I don't have a daily word count, I just let the words flow from my mind to my fingers and then onto the keyboard, then I re-read and edit. 


- Do you share your work with anyone when you're writing?

- Yes. My editor, Julie Tucker, who has also co-authored my MY WAY book brand. Julie has also edited FIVE WEEKS another of my true life adventures and she has just finished re-editing a revised and updated version of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME as I was recently signed up by a publishing company. The book will be in hardback and paperback in shops nationwide and hopefully worldwide within a few months, so watch this space. Additionally, it is not a secret that Julie is also my girlfriend and we work wonderfully together. She is in marketing too, so most days we come up with some brilliant ideas, like the MY WAY brand! It just makes my job so much more enjoyable to have someone working alongside me who I love, trust completely and who is also my best friend. 

- What is the best writing advice you can give?

- To read a lot, to learn from that, to write of course, from your head and your heart, and just let the words flow. Writing a book is not easy trust me, I have dyslexia, and was written off as unintelligent by my teachers at school, but once you have written and completed that first manuscript, designed a stunning cover and then see it self-published or published on Amazon, boy that is truly an amazing moment. So be proud authors and keep on writing! 

Have a look at David P Perlmutter here and on Twitter

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By : Admin | Author Interview
2016-07-25 [ 13:57:16]

Comments (2)

2016-08-01 [ 11:36:03]
It is so encouraging for those just starting out as writers/authors to read of David's dedication and success and ability to stop at two glasses of red wine....

2016-07-26 [ 02:36:41]
Thank you Anne for the invite for this interview! Great questions and I enjoyed answering them.

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