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Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:42 am [PST]

Catherine McKenzie

LifeOfWriters.com is pleased to let you all read our great interview with Catherine McKenzie. She is the author of the international bestsellers: SPIN, ARRANGED, FORGOTTEN, HIDDEN and SMOKE. Catherine’s sixth novel, FRACTURED, was published October 4, 2016.
-What made you start writing and then keep writing?
Ten years ago, I got an idea for something...I didn't know what it was, I only knew I had to write it. So I did and along the way it turned into a novel. It wasn't good enough to publish, but I got the idea for the book that became ARRANGED, and wrote that. I was able to get an agent with that book and that eventually led to a book deal. In the meantime, I had the ideas for SPIN and FORGOTTEN and wrote those books. Once I started, it just seemed to open the floodgates to the stories locked in my brain.
-Describe a typical writing day and how many hours a week do you write?
I don't have a typical writing day...I still work as a lawyer, so I usually write at night and mostly on the weekends. Today - a Saturday - I got up and went for a run, then edited a chapter of my current WIP. I will do another this afternoon. All in all I probably write 5-10 hours a week.
-How many times do you edit your books and how?
That's evolved over the years, but generally ,I write large chunks, then edit those then move forward. So to use my current WIP as an example, it's in three parts. I wrote the first part, then went back to the beginning and made changes. Then I wrote most of the second part. I am now going back to the beginning to flesh it out and correct some things and then I will finish Part II and write Part III. Then I will go back to the beginning and do one more edit on the whole novel. Along the way, I will get beta reader comments, and there may be another round of edits before I submit it to my publisher, or I might just submit the first two parts.
-Do you share your work with others during your writing process? Or do you keep it for yourself till you are finished?
Yes, I always seek input as I write. I have never written an entire novel without getting feedback along the way. It's important to me, but everyone has their own method.
-Did you get your books published right away? Or did you get rejections?
I got a zillion rejections! I finished ARRANGED (first draft) at the end of 2006. I got an agent at the end of 2007. I wrote SPIN in 2008. I sold SPIN in Canada in July, 2009 and it was published in January 2010. Arranged was published in January 2011. Those books only sold into the US in the fall of 2011 for publication in 2012. So it took a while and I was rejected many, many times.
-What is the best writing advice you have ever got? And what is your advice for aspiring writers?
Read, read, read, read.
If you want to know more about Catherine McKenzie go to her sites below:
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2016-10-14 [ 02:54:10]

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