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Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:04 am [PST]

Maya Tyler

Read our great interview with Maya Tyler. She is a romance author, blogger, wife, and mother. She has a degree in Commerce, but writing is her true passion. Her short story “Just for Tonight” is included in an anthology called With Love from Val and Tyne and her debut paranormal romance novella was Dream Hunter, published in December 2014. Her second paranormal romance novel A Vampire's Tale releases on March 22, 2017. She writes paranormal romance with a twist and all her books have a common theme – happily ever after.

I’m so glad to be here today. Thank you for your kind invitation for an interview.

What is it about paranormal romance that you like to write about?

Paranormal, like fantasy and science fiction, is not necessarily bound by realism. I feel the freedom to add unexpected plot twists and otherworldly elements. I feel the ability to stretch the wings of my imagination. My first published book Dream Hunter was about guardian angels and the dream world. My second book A Vampire’s Tale (release date March 22, 2017) is about vampires (not your typical run-of-the-mill variety), but also includes other supernatural creatures like wizards. I am a complete (and hopeless) romantic at heart so writing romance was an easy choice. I am a firm believer in happily-ever-after. I picked the genre of paranormal romance so I could write exactly what I imagined without limits.

 Maya Tyler

What does your typical writing day look like? 

I don’t have typical days, let alone typical writing days. I do follow a schedule for book promotion, but I write sporadically when the mood strikes me. I don’t force the words to come.

Do you plan your story before you start writing it?

Beyond a character’s name and a vague idea of the story, I don’t have a plan. I listen to my characters. Then I follow them, as they evolve and grow, as the story develops. It goes much further than simply putting myself in their shoes. My story unfolds through their eyes. In the past, however, I have attempted to plan/outline a book. The result was a flat plot which I discarded before finishing.

Do you write every day or use a word count?

I’d love to say I write every day and, to an extent, I do. If you count emails, book promos, author interviews, blog posts, and to-do lists… When I write creatively, I try not to focus on word count. Or put any pressure on myself to write a certain amount in one day (or one sitting). I find watching the number of words I write has the same effect as planning my story. It stifles my creative muse. I must follow the natural flow of my story, without heeding a plan or any sort of writing goal.

What is the best writing advice you have got?

Show, don’t tell. Readers can’t see into my mind so I need to make sure my words paint a picture they can see. Even if my first instinct is to limit emotional and sensory input.

What do you read at the moment?

Romance novels, of course! I enjoy reading romance, especially in the subgenres of paranormal and historical.

What is your next book about?

It’ll either be a prequel to Dream Hunter or a sequel to A Vampire’s Tale. I am in the process of writing them both.


Thank you again for this opportunity. I hope I’ve piqued interest in my books. My latest book, A Vampire’s Tale, is available for presale now. Why a book about vampires? I have been watching vampire movies for years… from Dracula to Twilight… Hollywood has taken a unique approach on the paranormal creature called vampire. If vampires were real, what would they really be like? I took careful stock of the many different theories out there and devised a version of my own. Meet Corgan Halton.

The best laid plans…
Marisa Clements was never satisfied writing the ‘gossip column’ in the local paper and she quit her job to follow her dream of writing fiction. Floundering in an unforgiving industry, she wrote about vampires, a popular subject she considered fascinating but as real as unicorns, to pay the rent.

Corgan was tired of human misconceptions about vampires and ‘living’ as a vampire. He planned to tell Marisa his story and end his existence. It was no coincidence Corgan selected Marisa to write his story. With the ability to see the future, he knew she would be a major part of it. He knew if they met, she would help him die, but in doing so, she’d be doomed to the same fate. Once they met, their futures would be irrevocably intertwined.
Corgan began to care for Marisa and finally revealed the truth to her. He admitted his quest to atone for his past sins had put her in grave danger from a nest of revenge seeking vampires. Corgan must claim her for her own protection. But claiming her is not enough, he must ask for help from his wizard friends and his maker in order to destroy his enemy or Marisa will never be safe.



Author Contact Information:
Author Site: http://www.mayatylerauthor.com/
Blog: http://mayatylerauthor.blogspot.ca/
Twitter: @mayatyerauthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maya.tyler.792
Facebook Maya Tyler Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mayatylerauthor


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