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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:21 pm [PST]
Book Reviews
The dragon of the month club
Book author : Iain Reading
Reviewed by : Devi
Reviewed Date : 2015-08-17
Reviewed Time : 22:49:39
Tags : Adventure, Air Dragons, ayana, Ayana Fall, books, bully, chinese, Dragon, exotic, fire, Holly Dragon, magic, Mystery, Rock Dragons, School, Sherlock Holmes, tyler, Tyler Travers, water, Waterfall Dragons

Genre: Adventure / Middle Grade / YA / Fantasy
My Review:
When the target is YA, the story has to be fascinating and engaging. DOTMC covers these aspects nicely. The story is about two 7 year old who get stuck in book world.
The book is first part of a series and therefore, is left on a cliff hanger. Ayana and Tyler are average 7 year old who came together by chance and became good friends. Then they come across a book, which gives spells to conjure dragon. The book is about how they conjure new dragons every month and suddenly, due to a mishap, they find themselves in the world of books in Tyler’s bedroom.
The book feels more of Middle grade than Young Adult. The story is sweet and nice. The merging of various books, some imaginary and some existing books, into the original book was truly beautiful. The characters are sweet and the friendship between them is adorable. The book would be an amazing read for pre-teens and early teenagers.
Star Rating : 4 Stars

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