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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:22 pm [PST]
Book Reviews
The Poison Pen
Book author : Marjorie Owen
Book publisher : vinspirepublishing
Reviewed by : Devi
Reviewed Date : 2015-08-20
Reviewed Time : 04:09:15
Tags : murder, store, arsenic, investigation, conspiracy, blackmail, book, controversy, suicide, black mail, family, baby

Source: https://theverdictsout.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/book-review-of-the-poison-pen-by-marjorie-owen-2/

It is with a very heavy heart that I started reading this book. Just after I finished the previous book, I got to know that the author of this wonderful series is no more. So that means this is the last book of Richard Hayward that I will be reading. And I seriously have not had enough of him. I wanted more - so much more. But then, I still had a book to read and a review to write, and I cannot be emotional right now. So I set forth on yet another wonderful journey with Richard Hayward, Jim Fenton and their family and friends.
The rating given on Goodreads speaks for itself about the quality of the story. Very few books might have received 4.62 stars average, with almost everyone rating it 5 stars. Even if you are very skeptical, not so many people can go wrong about a story. And yes, the story is yet another awesome murder mystery.
Richard Hayward is stuck in a murder investigation of a person who everyone hates and has no friends. The more he gets to know of the victim, the less victim he appears to be. And all the while, half of his mind is at home with his pregnant wife. However, very soon the investigation hits home when his family is threatened by the killer and yet another murder happens.
The way the story twists and turns is truly an art of brilliance in place. You can read the book and get the feeling very similar to that when you are appreciating an intrinsic work of art. There is no flaw, none at all. I cannot get enough of praising the book. Anyone who loves Dame Agatha Christie and Sir Conan Doyle must read this book. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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