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Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:23 pm [PST]
Book Reviews
Book author : Patricia Curren
Reviewed by : Devi
Reviewed Date : 2015-09-13
Reviewed Time : 12:09:01
Tags : Book, Detective, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Review, Suspense, ThrillerTagged child detective, enid blyton, Investigation, kendra morgan, Missing, Murder, Mystery, nancy drew, patricia curren, Suspense, Thriller

Source: https://theverdictsout.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/book-review-of-clipped-by-patricia-curren/

Fourteen-year-old Kendra Morgan finds herself in the fight of her life when she sees her murdered friends hair clip in a strangers pocket and becomes consumed with finding the killer.
Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Psychological Thriller / Suspense
My Review

The story was catching right from the first go. Kendra Morgan is not a regular 14-year-old. She is mature for her age and also adventurous. Her dedication and enthusiasm with she and her friend goes along the mystery brings back the memory of Nancy Drew or Enid Blyton series very fondly. The story is engrossing right from the first page.
The character building and story telling is an art which Patricia truly gets. The suspense builds all through the book and never once does it slack anywhere. The tension is built throughout the book with slight humor and enough energy to keep the reader hooked. The climax at the end and the epilogue is brilliantly woven and smartly written. There is enough creep to keep you engaged but solved pretty fast to make you feel good about the character and the story.
Patricia Curren is a brilliant writer and an epic story-teller. I am definitely looking forward to more of her books.
Here are some of the notes I made while reading the book
Almost 30% down in the book and the story is really interesting. Two 14-year-old detectives and there is also a side track from the killer’s perspective. Although it’s a typical way of writing, the story is interesting. A bit of a Nancy Drew in a modern way. The formatting initially is slightly off but that might be because the format of the book was changed to suit my e-reader. But the story is engrossing right from the first page
Really brilliant story. It was catchy till the very last page. No slack at all anywhere. The character building, the story line, narration, everything felt perfect. Cannot believe this is a debut novel.

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