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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:16 pm [PST]
Book Reviews
Deadly Messengers
Book author : Susan May
Reviewed by : Administrator
Reviewed Date : 2015-09-25
Reviewed Time : 13:02:34
Tags : Thriller, Suspence, Mystery, Horror

Kendal Jennings is a freelance writer for women’s magazines and usually writes fluff. But Deadly Messengers is far from fluff. When the mass killing starts, she is both happy and terrified of being the go-to reporter. She needs the stories to pay her rent, but she would rater not hear about the killings, due to some trauma in her past. As the mass killings appear three times in the same city it gets even more terrifying also for investigator Lance O’Grady and his partner Trip, is it really possible that these killings are not connected?
When I first started reading Deadly Messengers I was hooked. The only “bad” thing about this thriller is the way Susan May describes the killings. It really makes you feel you are right at the center of the massacre and you get very clear images in your mind. Images you don’t just forget. This makes Susan May a brilliant author. She writes with no hesitation, likable characters and great plot, that makes it a page turner, I was eager to keep reading and really enjoyed reading this well written thriller.
Deadly Messengers is out 30th September and I highly recommend it.
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5 Starts for Deadly Messengers

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Posted By Susan May


Thank you so much for your wonderful review, and thank you for the interview. What a great site you have here. All the best with the relaunch.