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Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:06 am [PST]
Is LifeOfWriters really free?
Yes, LifeOfWriters is a 100% free website, we require no payments at all.
Is it possible to register more than one account?
You are able to register only one account for each email. We also request that each writer use only one email account, to help keep the contest fair for all users. If we find users with more than one account, that writer's account will be deleted.
Why do you require my full name and address?
Prizes change, sometimes the prizes are money and sometimes they are items (e.g e-book readers or actual books). We need your full name and address to be able to ship prizes. your name and address will be visible ONLY to our website administrator.
I have forgotten my Writer Name/Password. What do I do?
Simply go to the home page and click on Forgot Writer Name/Password and enter your email. You will soon receive an email with your Writer Name/Password. Remember to check your spam/junk mail folder as our emails may sometimes be filtered there.
How do I know if anyone has replied to my topic?
Go to the Latest Forum Post, where you can see if there is a reply to your topic. If there is a reply, you will see the Writer Name of the user who replied. To read the reply, simply click on your topic.
Is it possible for me to edit or delete my topic or reply?
It is not possible to delete a topic or a reply: however it is possible to edit both. We recommend that you think twice before posting to avoid too much future editing on existing posts.
How do I change my writer details on my writer profile?
Go to your Writer Profile and change the things you want, such as about me, password, email and address.
How do I find writers that I want to send a private message to and how do I send the message?
You find other writers by reading their topics and replies in the forum. If you want to send a private message to a writer, you click on that Writer Name. You will then see the writer's profile, where you can send a private message to the writer.
How many times can I submit to a contest?
You can submit only once per contest. If you don't follow this rule or other criteria listed, your submission will not be considered.
How will I know if I win the contest?
You will get a confirmation email informing you of your win. The prize will either be emailed to you or shipped to your mailing address, depending on what the prize is.