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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:18 pm [PST]
Self Published Books
The Triumphant Life - A Story of Love and Courage
Book Author : Jin-Chen Camilla Wang
Book Publisher : Xlibris
Synopsis By : Jin-Chen Camilla Wang
Synopsis Date : 2015-10-23
Synopsis Time : 20:57:53
Tags : Literary fiction

Spanning more than forty years and over two continents, it is a novel set in the historical background of the latter part of the twentieth century.
            At age four, Nan fled from the Communist China to Taiwan through a perilous journey led by her mother. There she grew up in a meager yet nurturing environment. After college, she came to Cornell University for graduate studies. Her subsequent experience and close relationships with a group of five all-male fellow graduate students took her through an unexpected path that led to multiple tribulations. She fell in love with one who could only reciprocate her love in his heart but not in his action. She married another, yet their blissful life together was again mercilessly challenged. The brilliance of their minds was not able to protect them from a life tangled with tragedies. Throughout, diverse social issues and human emotions were exposed and explored.
            The various story lines are weaved together into one interconnected whole. It is a triumphant account of unrelenting love and friendship. 

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