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Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:03 am [PST]
Self Published Books
The Girlfriend Wager
Book Author : Edward Davies
Book Publisher : CreateSpace
Synopsis By : Edward Davies
Synopsis Date : 2016-02-18
Synopsis Time : 16:21:27
Tags : Life hasn't been very rewarding for Rob, Adrian, Jim, Kent and Hugh but, if what they've seen in the movies is true, they should be in for a three-year sex and party filled treat. They're heading to university.

London, 1997 : Five college friends make a bet to see who can get a girlfriend, have sex with her, and keep her around for more than three months.

Jim is already in love with Abi, but does she love him back or is she just using him as part of one of her man-hungry mind games?

Adrian falls for any woman who'll talk to him, causing no end of problems in his social life, but he just can’t face asking a girl out.

Rob already has a girlfriend, Aurora, but she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. When he meets Isla, an Australian student who shares many of his likes and dislikes, he has to decide on how to approach the problem - break up with Aurora then ask out Isla, or ask out Isla first... just in case she turns him down.

Hugh, usually considered the most useless of the group when it comes to women, actually meets a girl and starts to date her, but she wants to keep their relationship a secret as her dad is one of their lecturers.

And finally there’s Kent, who doesn't believe in gambling, but joins in when he thinks he’s on to a sure thing with his college friend Rachel.

As the year progresses, the boys face the challenges of a new environment and new people, and slowly they start to realise how futile their ambitions might be, and wonder if they will ever get the girl of their dreams or just continue to be unlucky in love? Only time will tell...

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