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Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:44 am [PST]
Self Published Books
Real Tales of Surf Arcana - A Perfect Wave
Book Author : J.B. Rafferty
Book Publisher : Rooftree Publishing
Synopsis By : J.B. Rafferty
Synopsis Date : 2016-02-23
Synopsis Time : 08:00:42

Two weeks ago, fifteen-year old Torey Kilroy’s only cares in life were surfing and fitting in with the cool kids. All that changed one morning while sitting on his shortboard fifty yards off the California coastline in unnaturally foggy and flat surf.  It was there where he befriended a mysterious surfer named Donovan who has the uncanny ability to manipulate water and create waves at will. He quickly proposes a remarkable deal that in exchange for teaching him how to create his own killer waves using an elemental magic called dynamism, Torey must help him find and capture a mermaid who now lives on land in human form, a mermaid that betrayed Donovan’s love and tricked him into serving her term in an underwater hell. Torey shook on the deal knowing full well that mermaids don’t exist so he had nothing to lose, right?

Rule #1: Never kiss a stinking mermaid.

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