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Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:22 pm [PST]
Self Published Books
Misled: The Klansman (The Knox Mission - Book 3)
Book Author : Jason E. Fort
Book Publisher : Fortress Books
Synopsis By : Jason E. Fort
Synopsis Date : 2016-08-27
Synopsis Time : 18:56:50
Tags : Assassins, Suspense, Political Thriller, Religion, Christian

Agent John Knox faces ghosts from the past as he and Malik have to track down a mysterious killer who is creating social disorder by killing both cops and black criminals. Meanwhile a small witness to the brutal murders wrestles with fears of coming forward to the right people and telling them what he has seen, while dealing with nightmares of men in white hoods and burning crosses. Through all the chaos, a former pro-athlete-turned-mayor has to try to reign the citizens of the city in without making the police department look like bullies. The Activity will be at it once again; this time holding puppet strings that could very well effect the way law enforcement is carried out in cities across the country. Can John Knox use memories from the past to help the FBI prevent a chaotic future? Can Malik offer assistance without getting too distracted by OTHER factors? Will citizens of Detroit keep the peace...or will they just be MISLED down the path to social disaster? Join your favorite two agents again as they take on their most challenging mission yet, in this thriller ripped from the headlines that will have you look inward at your world view and ideas of how people treat each other... In Book 3 - Misled.

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