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Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:41 am [PST]
Self Published Books
Lucid Umbra People
Book Author : Amelia E. S.
Synopsis By : Amelia. S
Synopsis Date : 2016-10-14
Synopsis Time : 10:23:23
Tags : Thrillers and Suspense, Zombies, Horror, New Zombie Book Series, New Zombie Book, New Horror Book, LGBT, Lucid Dreaming, Teen zombie books, New teen books, New Teen book, YA series book, halloween books, indie authors, 2016 new books, Zombie book, YA Fict

Have you ever had your entire life be a lie? Have you ever had to hold in your emotions to the point, when you release them they are deadly? I’m Emma, and those two things happened to me, and changed my life forever.

I wish this had a happy ending, if that’s the story you’re looking for then this isn’t for you. This is a dark story that leads to a dangerous thing, created from dangerous beings, who knew what they were doing. They once had a name; Umbra People. This is my journey to becoming one.

Emma Somnward's life gets turned upside down when she discovers she belongs to a species known as Umbra People.

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