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Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:55 am [PST]
Self Published Books
Book Author : S. A. Addis
Book Publisher : Kindle Direct Publishing
Synopsis By : S. A. Addis
Synopsis Date : 2017-06-11
Synopsis Time : 15:08:56
Tags : Action, Adventure, Thriller, Dystopian

Beatrice wants to kill the Supreme Consul.

Dr Jeremy wants to kill Beatrice.

Supreme Consul Ruella wants to kill Beatrice, Dr Jeremy, and anyone else who annoys him. He’s a lovable chap really.

Half a century from now the monarchy has fallen, replaced by a homicidal dictator in the guise of “Supreme Consul”. In an age where science has gone horribly wrong and murder is a whole lot easier than it used to be, these are dark times for the persecuted Academy, an underground group of actors declared as “enemies of the state”. With the country and the world going to pieces around them, the Academy think they’re the only ones capable of taking on the Dictator.

How wrong they are.

Step forward Elite Force and their grizzly commander whilst in the darkness there waits a terrifying mutant doctor. The stage is set for an epic fight but by the final chapter it won’t be just the Dictator sending out the SOS call.

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